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In business, you need an attorney who is both a business person and a lawyer. Unfortunately, law schools do not teach business skills, and law firms do not generally train lawyers to think like business people. Ronald B. Taylor, P.C. is unique. Ron Taylor's experience as an in-house general counsel has given me a business perspective that allows us to provide legal advice and options that take into account practical business needs. With this experience the firm can provide your small to medium sized business the advantage of custom designed legal services without the overhead and cost associated with hiring an in house general counsel. Ronald B. Taylor, P.C. can serve as an affordable, flexible and ACCESSIBLE General Counsel alternative, saving you time and money that can be better focused on what you do best, running your business.

Your Challenge

Regardless of the size of your business, you generally face legal issues and risks similar to those faced by larger companies. The challenges may not be as complex or as frequent, but they still have critical implications for your business. For example, employment related disputes (discrimination, harassment, etc.), especially if you do not have employment practices insurance coverage can be costly and even devastating, regardless of the truth or validity of the claim. Unfortunately, you may only see two choices when it comes to legal ser vices: hiring an outside law firm on specific issues, and employing an in-house legal counsel. Both options can be expensive for small to medium sized businesses. Many times, that cost may lead you to seek advise only after a problem surfaces, like an EEOC complaint. However, at that point the matter can become very expensive, both in time away from the business and legal fees. At Ronald B. Taylor, P.C. we offer you a third option that puts in place a risk management component, encourages more frequent contact and advice, and can cost you less. This in turn lets you focus on what you do best, running your business.

When it comes to business and legal matters, you need Practical advice that takes into account your individual business goals and needs. All of the legal issues you face can involve various risks and solutions. It is important that your attorney understand your business, business needs, and business goals in order to tailor customize your legal options. One major benefit of in-house attorneys, they learn your business well and can provide those practical solutions to your problems. Another benefit, they are present and can provide immediate advice that helps you avoid problems so that you do not have to incur higher costs fixing a problem that could have been prevented in the first place. In short, in-house lawyers are part of the old adage, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

At Ronald B. Taylor, P.C., I have 12 years of experience providing in-house legal services to businesses both large and small. I understand the importance of knowing the details of your business and providing timely legal advice and services tailored to that business, especially in the area of employee relations. I also have years of experience retaining and supervising outside legal firms, and in the event you encounter extremely complicated matters for a major transaction or law suit, our firm can work with you to retain counsel cost effectively and can monitor and manage your outside counsel cost effectively.

Ronald B. Taylor, P.C. can also handle the mundane day to day and week to week issues that may arise. We are available every day by phone and pager. We can also arrange to be on site at your business on a routine basis. Finally, we will spend extra time to talk with you and to learn your business needs and any unique needs, at no extra cost. We can also review your contracts or audit aspects of your business to help you avoid costly legal problems down the road.

Below are just some of the areas that we can provide services in. If you have needs that are not included here, please call us for a no charge consultation about those specific needs.

  • Full time phone and pager availability.
  • Routine on site time at your facility or office.
  • Preparation, negotiation and review of contracts.
  • Contract monitoring program.
  • Implementation and/or operation of a formal compliance program. Services as an independent compliance officer. Compliance hotline set up and operation.
  • Routine (monthly, yearly) audit of employment practices.
  • Preparation or review of employee handbooks, policies and procedures.
  • Employee dispute resolution process. Employee complaint investigations
  • Corporate forms and filings
  • Job specific flat fee services: exp. Stock Shareholder Agreements, Articles of Incorporation, etc.
  • Liability claim handling and negotiations
  • Corporate governance matters (board minutes etc.)
  • Wage claims and unemployment claims
  • Interface with workers’ compensation insurance carrier.
  • Risk Management and insurance evaluation programs.

We also have 12 years experience in the health care field. If you are a physician or other health care service provider, we can help you with areas unique to medical service providers. We have experience with health plans, health plan benefits, medical claims, regulations and laws (both state and federal) applicable to insurance/health plan companies and physicians/health care practitioners. We have the skill and expertise to evaluate network contracts with health plans, claim disputes, and other health insurance related matters.

Please contact us at your convenience to discuss your business needs

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